Mr. & Mrs. Billings!!

I mean, all my brides are beautiful but some come along that are striking in a way that I can’t articulate and I just get on my

own nerves by saying the same lame things over and over. I met Sadie when she was 9 and I could have NEVER imagined

her to grow into this gorgeous of a woman/mother.

Yer lines lookin’ tight, brah. 😉

Carter was pretty stoked about the big day finally being there. He hopped between the suites just to keep checking in on all the fun being had.

SO giddy all day.

That million watt smile.

There were onlookers from all the angles yelling to them. <3

Hot. DAMN.

I realized when processing the images that Sadie is often not smiling, but I’m super not mad about it. This is probs a habit that

started with her senior pics years ago. Her straight face is my go to because LOOOK AT IT. So now she just does that first!

He already calls him Dad, but how exciting that it was official!

Oh ya. There’s a bebe in there! Last winter when we did the engagement session I kept saying how I can’t even wait to see the caramel,

squishy, delicious little human that’ll come from them. Then a few months ago, surprise! She says, “About that baby. Coming sooner

than later. Like a few weeks after our wedding.” HAHAHA. A babby GIRRRRL!! Gimme dat baby!!

Her empire waist just needed to be raised a bit and it was perfect! Also, I love the way Rashee looks at you, Sade. He is full on smitten

for you, mama.

I tell all the brides and bridesmaids in the cold seasons to leave on their spandex!!! No one is the wiser and its less painful in the cold!

Also, where in God’s name is your other leg? This is quite an optical illusion.

Steve said to me multiple times that day, “gosh, isn’t she just so pretty?” YES. YES SHE IS.

Mid ceremony, “yep, this is happenin” fist bump!

These two are wiser than most. They spent 30min of the cocktail hour alone. Just enjoying the quiet and relaxing together!

Carter is super sensitive and my fav part about this picture is his face. He got upset whenever people were loud (and having fun)

on the bus. HAHA! Poor kid!

After meeting Rashee’s mom, I understood the story of how Sadie thought she was his girlfriend for weeks instead of his mom and

didn’t take him up on his date requests. Bahaha. Well, she does look super young and hot so, I get that!

Unexpected toast from a fresh 7yo. “I’m so happy my mom and dad are finally married and I can’t wait for my baby sister because

I’m going to love her with all of my might.” And all the reception melted.

I love this hot mama too. Amy, you’re the best.

Yep. Rashee went topless. I was *this close* to posting the next layer gone and all his chest hair. :0

Two of ma girls! I coached them in club soccer for a handful of wonderful years. Now they’re all getting married and I’m sitting over

here wondering when they got taller than me much less when they entered their mid twentiesssss. PUKE! Love you two so much!

Well this is when I normally say something about can’t wait to see what your future holds buuuut I’ll be seeing that in a couple weeks so.

Hmm. I still can’t wait!! HA! I’m thrilled you’re using all our baby stuff so soon! You two are such a sweet and loving couple and

I’m so thankful you’ve found each other. I’m looking forward to getting to know Rashee even more! So proud of you kids!

See you soon! Heart, Mel & Adam.

  • Amy - Of course I am bawling and uproariously laughing at the same time. You capture lives like no other, Mel, and I’m so thankful Sadie found you all those (short) years ago. I will cherish this day, these memories, this adorable family, and your capture of all of it for an ever-loving lifetime. ❤️

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