The Gaffeys.

Joseph and Patrick have a new baby sister!! Maggie was a little unsure what was happening at all times and I just feel like I need to say,

“Get used to that, baby girl. Nori never understands what the heck her brothers are doing either.”


Jojo perfecting the hands on hips, which is funny because I didn’t even ask him to do that.. <3

These boys!

Joseph moves fast so most the time I don’t see what his fingers are doing till I’m processing images. I saw the peace sign in the

air perfectly and was like, “hell ya, buddy!” I love that.

The sweetest!

When you finally have a girl, you buy allllll the pink. <3

Love those big dark eyes!

Nice little Loft3 gallery over their heads from over the years. 🙂 Glad you actual print your images!

Tis the season!! And this is adorbs.

I think Maggie was trying to tell me, “Please take me home with you! Save me! Please!” Next time I’m stealing her. <3

Love seeing how well everything is going at the Gaffey house! I always look forward most to seeing what new and exciting tricks

Jojo is doing these days! He’s doing amazing! Happy holidays, y’all!! Heart, Melanie

  • Andi Cassinelli Groff - Love these! You sure captured the Gaffey’s!

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