The Tolzmanns.

Sara’s favorite Christmas pastime is matching. So ’tis the season to gimme allll the matching Christmas plaid!

Annaliese is such a mother hen! Love watching her with her siblings.

Let it be known, I have to say inappropriate things to get Christian to laugh the same way as I do for 5yo boys.

Dimples galore! And Stiles profile is the most perfect toddler profile!

She knows she’s so rotten and I stinkin’ LOVE it.

Fun fact: Stiles wouldn’t pay attention to me, much less stand still so Christian trapped him on top his shoulders,

then squat for me to get this. HA!!

Everyone does love her, she’s so sweet.

“Be pretty for me, Violet!” BAHAHAHAH. This is SO her.

Stiles was very unamused by allll the things. So straight face, big blue eyes it is!

Glad the session worked out! Good to see you guys! Happy Holidays! Heart, Melanie.

  • Sally Pearson - Absolutely stunning. Sara is daughter & wow you are an amazing photographer. Exceptional

  • Sara tolzmann - Melanie!!! You have done it once again. When I think wow we probably got nothing, you get the best pictures. I wonder if you can even take a bad photo! Your are so talented and you give me the best memories every time!! Thank you so much!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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