The Wieses.

Baby Mabel brought the sunshine with her on this very cold day! Sweetface just turned 1!

It’s my favorite when I walk up to the ugliest setting and say, “here is good.” Typically clients are trying not to look horrified and trust

me while I laugh and say, I know how to use the light and my lens to make it gorgeous, no worries. “Ok…” This particular spot

was rows of long dead brown hydrangeas. But seeee! Love this super fall toned background with her blue dress and eyes!

She wasn’t mobile at her 6mths session but this time she was not wanting to be held and just wanted to ruuuun!

Such pretty girls!

Again in the dead weeds. Lauren just nodded her head and said, “allllright, let’s climb in then!” LOLOL. She gets me. Love these!

Eeeeek! When can you have 5 more babies????

Laurens one year photo outfit, 30 odd years later. <3

Baby cabbage patch doll!

Way to put on a performance of not outwardly feeling as miserable as you were inside. These images all reflect warm, sunny and fun

times! Just remember it that way now. 😉 Good to see your faces! Can’t wait to see them again soon! Heart, Melanie

  • Lauren - Obsessed. So happy to have these photos of Mabel. You’re the best. Love you! Thank you!

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