The Hawleys.

I asked dad if he was up for it? “Up for what?” Then I handed him the 2 yr old chest level, elf on the shelf style. 🙂

He’s like, Oh, ok. Ya, sure…” Griffin thought he was the coolest. ADORABLE!

Cue the scrunchy nose smiles stage!

Thanksgiving had passed and though most was dead, we still found some pretty Fall colors happening!

They all look just the same!

Imma get real close, k guys? Let’s get close. ::Squeezes their heads to his::

Gosh, you guys are perfect!

The ground was wet and muddy. These two brave parents each balanced a single buttcheek on a small 3″ paver,

then held a kid on their laps. AND they didn’t even complain that the paver was all I had to offer them!

If one does it, they all have to, right parents?

So fun!

Ewwww, wittle brudders are grossss. Little brothers are also very proud when they make all the people laugh. Ahaha.

The sweet moment for two, proved to be the perfect moment to yank on a loose tooth for the third. HA! I kinda love how kids

are truly in their own little worlds. I hope you can laugh at this and not be annoyed, because as an outsider, its very enjoyable.

It will be to you too, in a decade if it’s not already!


Legit copy and paste the same face 3 times over. Love that!

Well after learning that you’ve been a faithful follower for ages, I’m glad we finally worked out a session while you were visiting in Cincy.

It was great to meet you! I had fun with your crew! Hope you enjoyed the rest of your trip! Heart, Melanie.

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