The Browns.

When Karianne and I were talking about the session I referred to the “last time” we shot. I thought it was last year, maybe the year before. Nope. Elsa

was quite literally fresh from the oven and now this girl is 5. UMWHAT.

Karianne had a few requests for the session. A silo being one so we were sure to do that in the beginning! 🙂 CHECK.

I did’t feel like we were old until I’m now noticing most the guys our age are balding or salt and pepper. How? Why is this happening to us.

We are still in high school?!

The kids are such a good blend of you guys!

Liam was uncontrollably cackling the entire session. He couldn’t turn off the giggles. Hysterical.

We had multiple tries at “be serious”…worked well. NOPE.

I mean, can you hear the cackle?


So pretty, Karianne!

“I’m just going to grab her boobs then, cause I don’t know what else to do with my hands!” (Literally every guy ever in this pose. Dudes have a one track mind!)

Karianne has been holding onto these suckers for monthssss. I can’t even believe they survived the wait!

So good, mom!!

It’s sad that we are so busy that we hardly see each other anymore, but glad we can always pick up right where we left off.

Especially since in my mind, barely any time has passed. HA!! Good to see youuuuuu! Heart, Melanie.

  • Sean - Great pictures Melanie!
    Just so you know, I highlight my hair with grey. Young people call it platinum now a days. Just trying to stay with the times!

  • Aimee - These pictures are awesome!!

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