Merry Christmas 2018.

Merry Christmas, Interwebs!

I included some behind the scenes, practice jumps. 🙂  Yes, we designed and painted that mural behind our bed last yr, but took it out for the card because it was too busy. We tried to

change the colors to greens and reds and it was still too much. Also, Nori was full on sleeping, for reals. She had a low grade fever and while I was helping

Adam set up lights, she apparently crawled in bed and passed out. Originally she was supposed to join in the chaos but truly, it felt more appropriate for

many reasons, to have her categorized with the adults. :0

Have a wonderful holiday! I’m super excited to chillax with family and put my feet up when I can! Hope y’all get to as well! Merry Christmas!

Heart, the Pace Circus.

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