The Billings.

Little baby smirks!

I don’t think Rashee fully understands yet how this little girl is going to rule his world. 🙂

Born the week before Christmas, it seemed fitting to put her under the tree. 🙂

That tiny little tush!

She’s so beautiful!

That little baby mustache and double chin!

Baby Shar -Pei.

I just needed a closer look at those rolls.

Though she seems still in all these frames, she was constantly moving. I cracked up when I saw this shot as it looks like she’s trying to attack Mommy!!

What a Christmas present this year!!

Could you guys be any more perfect?!

We shot at Sadie’s mom’s home. She’s redone the entire inside with all custom features. This double sided couch is pretty awesome!

Look closely, she’s smiling too!

I don’t know why Lillian was so mad at me. Man, if looks could kill!

That hair!

Had to get a shot with Grandma Amy! Thanks for letting us use your beautiful home!

I’m so thankful all went well with your natural birth and little miss is here! I’m so proud of how well you’re doing with both kids! Congrats! Heart, Melanie

  • Amy Burbrink Grace - I love every priceless frame of this precious growing family. The album cover alone is worth a gazillion bucks:). Happy, healthy new year, Mel and family. Thank you yet again for capturing so eloquently (yes, your photos always speak to me) the beauty of love and family

  • Pat - Made me smile and smile and smile again!! I think these are the most beautiful family photos I’ve seen and, of course, this is because of the family in the photos.

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