the power of prayer…

…is pretty amazing. with thousands of people praying for my girl, rachel, the past few mths, God sure has touched her with his

healing hands. rachel completed 4 rounds of chemo a couple weeks ago which marked at the least, the halfway point of treatment.

at that point they do a whole bunch of poking and prodding to determine whether the cancer patient is a ‘slow’ or ‘fast’ responder.

well, in typical rachel fashion, it’s wasn’t routine. her body was right on the fence and they needed reopen the incision on her neck

to biopsy again. the surgery was this past monday, 11/29, and all went extremely well! they even allowed her to go home, which has

never happened to her before! she’s always in extra days, never less!! so the results? drummmmmmmroolllllllll please….

negative for cancer! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!! she’s gone from STAGE 4B hodgkins lymphoma, the most progressive kind, ALL over,

to just small remnants remaining here and there!! holy cow!! when rach told me the results tuesday, i had goosebumps. i wanted

to shout it from the mountains! she too, was jumping out of her skin. talk about the best phone call of your life? so what’s this mean?

she’s at children’s hospital today doing her 5th round of chemo. since it’s outpatient, it will be so much easier on her and her family.

after today she will have 3 more 28 day cycles, where she will have 2 days of out patient chemo. they are VERY hopeful she will not

have to undergo radiation in the end, but they can’t make any promises. but seriously guys, she was told in the beginning she’s most

likely going to be a slow responder with the possibility of no response at all. this is just amazing news. the light at the end of the tunnel

is so bright now, she needs to get out her sunglasses. yippppeeeee!!


on the left is our “tuesday with rachel” a couple weeks ago. we walked almost every hall in the south bldg. πŸ™‚

on the right is her strutting her stuff in ONE of her new kenneth cole jackets!! my friend, brenda, used to work for women’s outerwear in NYC.

she still has the hook up, made a few phonecalls to her friends elaine and holly back in NYC. theyΒ  sent rachel this adorably perfect coat, and

another red with a big ole furry hood as a suprise. THANK YOU KENNETH COLE! she loves them.

sunday before surgery, rach helped us decorate for christmas. πŸ™‚

we had fun jammin to christmas carols and getting glitter EVERYWHERE.

i want to thank this awesome support of followers whether here through our blog, on our Team Rachel facebook page, or all the others out there.Β  i truly

believe she’s healed so fast because of everyone out there constantly praying for her .she has also been very thankful for the money from

my clients and even random old friends of mine that i haven’t even seen in years!! you guys rock. everyone have a great weekend!

heart, melanie πŸ˜€

ps. it’s december. you know what that means? NORI turns ONE this month. sigh. i can’t even believe it. :-/

  • Annie - So glad to hear it!!! πŸ™‚

  • emily henkel. - i am SOOOO happy that she is doing so well!!!! πŸ™‚ this is such a relief to me it’s unbelievable. the prayers keep coming, keep it up rach! i love you both melanie and rachel!

  • L - how wonderful to hear!!!!!
    what a strong, beautiful girl you are, rachel!
    i’m sending all my love and prayers your way… <3 <3

  • Aunt Net - She’s a beautiful girl inside and out who deserves this miracle! Thanks to you and her family for letting us get to know her.

  • alyssa kaine - Rachel, you are AMAZING!!! i’m sooo extremely happy for you πŸ™‚ you are still in our prayers, keep it up! love you guys!

  • Nicole - Praise God!!!! (I got goosebumps too just reading it!) Yay! Rachel! Can’t wait to see you again. xo

  • karen b - OMG that is such an amazing update! Congrats Rachel and the Glankler’s. Merry Christmas!! And Happy Birthday Nori!

  • daley - miracles do happen if “I believe”

  • sarah gebhardt - how awesome! what great news! You are such a great support Melanie and friend to Rachel. What a cool relationship that will go on foreva! Thanks for all the great stories to follow! God rocks!

  • Anne Wolking - I just cried like a baby! I am so happy for Rachel! Way to kick caner’s butt!

  • nonni and poppi - yeah, Rachael, you did it girl and you look great. Little bit more to go but you can do it!! Nice job, Melanie, for bringing Rachael to everyone and the support it brought… ah, the power of prayer…praise God for her healing.

  • brenda shook - absolutely thrilled for rachel! the prayer train is still in motion. keep kickin ass rachel! brenda and KC love you!!

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