Felicia & Omar.

These cuties were in town from out West for Christmas so what better time to freeze their butts off for engagement pics! I mean, your love kept you a little warm, right? 🤣

We shot in Mt Adams where they met years ago!
Over a decade ago, we shot Felicia’s senior session while I was teaching Art History at a school with her mom. In fact, she was one of the first strictly senior sessions we’d done. It’s crazy because I’ve easily shot a 150 seniors since but I can still tell you exactly where we took her, and can perfectly recall many of the shots like it was last year. Time is so funny!!
All the Christmas decor spiced things up nicely!
Making fun of themselves creating belly laughter.
So pretty, Felicia!
It was maaaaybe 30′ so I kept telling them, the closer you are, the warmer you are!!!

So good to see you after all these years! Both our lives are quite different than they were then! Glad to hear you’re doing so well away from home! And thanks for dealing with the fact I had zero voice! Let me know if you ever decide to start planning this wedding. AHAHAH. 😜Heart, Melanie

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