The Freys.

Pretty exciting for Ethan, as a one year old, to get a baby brother to play with! The next couple years may be a little crazy but soon enough they’ll be trusted to play alone together! Probably. Maybe.🤣

Ethan is super into tools, as Mitchell is constantly working on their full renovated Farm house. He wanted to hold a real nail gun for the pics but we distracted him and hid it because, well… 😬
He was telling me about Dad’s tools outside the window.
That little old man face, though!
Mitch was so adorable playing with Ethan. It’s clear they spend a lot of time on the ground, playing together! Love that!
Connor tried his best NOT to sleep for us. FOMO!
What a handsome little guy!
It’s not always easy to get the correct lighting to highlight the peach fuzz, not to mention moving babies, so when I can, I love it!
I asked him to hug his brother which escalated quickly to headlock. I mean, boys just love hard! I get it, Ethan! I just want to squeeze him too!
Toe rolls?! 😍

Good to see you guys and glad it’s going so well! The house looks amazing and once that wrap around porch/4 seasons room is done, DUDE! It’s gonna be ridiculous! Congrats again! Heart, Melanie.

  • Kelly - Yay!!! OMG I love them! Thank you so much for capturing the love and all the fun Ethan and Connor bring to our lives! Can’t wait to FINALLY decorate these walls! Thank you!!!!!!

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