The Augs.

A year flew by and Georgie turned one! He is an active little creature who had no time for me, that was for sure. 🤣

This face of innocence. Big eyes. Perfect little lips. I just love the candidness of him picking his ear and really not even caring about me asking him to laugh. Just being a 3yo.
Brady kept diving in for the kisses. So incredibly sweet.
George’s adorning look!
Hey Brady, can you sit on the couch please? ::climbs behind cushions and hides from me::
So big!
Britt was all, like seriously, this is my life. WHY CAN’T YOU JUST SIT AND SMILE (at the same time) for even .05 of a second?! Just smile through it, mommy. Smile through the pain and suffering that is family sessions with a one and three yr old boys. 🤣 Also Ganga was behind me shoving smarties and cheerios in their mouths. That perfectly, just placed, cheerio on George’s tongue. HA!
😍😍 The best.
Almost sitting. Whatever, I’ll make it work!
Because obviously, kids are most ticklish on their air holes and eyes. 😬
Having them sit on their chairs worked out really well too. 🤗
A tradition was started, so we shall continue.
But y’all have said like 17 times, just sit and smile one more time and we will go out in the snow and play. This is not the snow. BAHAHAHAH.
So pretty!
The magical snow was falling as they built the snowman!
….whose lifespan was 3min. SHOCKER! 🤣

You guys rock. To all the Mom’s out there who stress over what they want to be perfection in a family session. Let. It. Go. Stop looking at the social media and Pinterest CRAP. This season of life is hard. And messy and its memories captured should tell hilarious stories, not perfectly placed clothes and hair. This is the life the Augs are living and want to remember. Fun is not stiff and posed. Joy is in tickles and chasing! I love these images and if you can’t embrace that madness on camera, you’ll look back in 20 yrs and wonder why you didn’t capture the crazy because as cliche as is it…we will miss this. All of it. Y’all did great, Britt and Jeff. Now go on and have another so we can add to the madness some more. 😆

Heart, Melanie

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