The DeCristofaros.

Right as I got to their house, it started snowing these giant fluffy flakes! Of course I wanted to go out and play!

Filomena thought it was so pretty!

This was her first time on dad’s shoulders!

Love this!

Ezio is a professional brow furrower.

“Lady, please stop singing at me.”

Inside to get warm and break some rules. 😬

So much cuteness happening!

Calm between the jumping.

Horsey riiiides!

The best. 😍

She played beauty shop with honey and milk. Just the relaxation mom needed, clearly. 😆

Such big dark eyes!

Some cake smashing practice for his big party this weekend!

Well, that’s one way to do it. 🤔

Nice to meet you guys. Glad it snowed out! I love getting the chance to shoot in snowfall! Hope the party is super

fun! Happy Birthday Ezio! Heart, Melanie.

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