The Congers.

This cute little blue eyed guy just became a big bro a couple weeks ago!

While Graham was filling up his tank, Wyatt and I shared some laughs in his cool super hero room.


Wyatt is so concerned and gentle with Graham. He asked permission so sweetly each time he wanted to touch or kiss him!

Last time I checked, moms don’t look like this a week postpartum, much less from a cSection! Hot mom alert!

Handsome guys!

Looks like he caught mom lying. 😂

::screaming baby:: This is so fun, isn’t it, Wyatt?

Love this!!


I love that I was able to document all sides of Wyatt in 2hrs.

Excuse me, ma’am, will you be posting me on the interwebs?

One of the things I say most while shooting with a newborn is, “you guys just keep smiling through it. The baby will stop crying eventually.”

Way to follow directions boys!🤣 Even if you’re saying through clenched teeth, “”

When Dad’s say they have an idea. 😳😍

Let’s talk about how the Congers have moved like 40xs in 6 yrs. That’s only a slight exaggeration. Literally every Christmas she gives

me a new address to send our card to. I don’t understand it because zzzzzzzzzzzz.  But each house just gets more beautiful!!


Well congrats again on a second surprise miracle baby! Keep up the great parenting work!  Good to see you!! XOXO. Heart, Melanie

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