The Merkels.

Natalie is a big sister!

Jillian arrived a couple weeks ago!

Natalie didn’t want me to take her picture so Daddy had to chase her around to get her to come back to us, whiiiich subsequently created good memories. 😍

We were on a dinosaur hunt out the window!

Brontosauruses apparently don’t have spikes. What do I know. 😬

Look at this trendy little baby!

Y’all are so pretty!

Dis my family!

That dolphin spout was the cutest. Jillian was, of course, wide awake the whole two hours…then slept all afternoon. 😆

We’d get her all cozy and and for like .8 seconds she’d act like she was asleep. Then FOMO!

I told her there was another Natalie out the window! They kissed and became best friends. ❤️

The cutest!

Congrats on another baby girl! You guys are such naturals in this parenting gig! You should add a few more! Good to see you! Heart, Melanie.

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