The Preslars.

Sam had his big first birthday!

He had these delectable chubby cheeks with these big eyes staring back at me. I should have been frustrated that he wasn’t always amused

by me, but that little precious moments face made me weak!

You think you’re funny, lady? Un.A.Mused. He’s so perfect!

Over and over they’d put him down for a solo portrait, he’d immediately laugh and run to mom. 🤣

The image on the right was his response to my “Wheels on the Bus.” Bahhahaaha. I know, buddy. I 100% feel the same way about my singing.

My favorite kind of laughing image!😍

Some “antiques” from Mommy’s childhood. 💕



They told me how much he loved watching out and banging on the storm door. So we went over to play!

Besides the adorable hand, my favorite part of this image is the dirty window. Lots of fun is had on the bottom third of that glass door! People may think

it’s gross or I’m lazy, but I hardly ever clean our glass door because the million little sticky handprints make me smile. It’s like he’s writing on the

chalkboard, “sam was here” but with his slobber on glass. I love it!


Great to meet you, Brad and Ellie! Thanks for dealing with the cold for a bit and having fun with me! Sam is adorbs as is your home! Thanks for having me!

Heart, Melanie

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