Luke and his mom hopped into my car and ventured into the city with me to wander. Luke actually mumbled he was worried I was going

to kidnap him. I mean, that’s fair. He doesn’t know me. But let’s be honest. If I’m going to kidnap anyone, it would be a super nanny to

deal with my kids for me OR a rich old man to give me all the money. I’m most certainly not looking for another bottomless pit,

dependent boy to care for. I have 4 of those. 🤣🤣🤣

If you’re going to wear a fancy suit, may as well enhance it with a matching wall!

Straight perfect smile for win!

Love that shot on the left. The light was just right!

With most people, their face doesn’t really change much with expression or accessories. With Luke, between the way he smiled and taking

off glasses, he looked like a completely different person each time. He smirked at my joke on the right and I was immediately like,


Seriously, a 10yr difference between these images. 😳

 That dark background makes your dark eyes👌🏻!

Nice to meet you both. Sorry you were so cold while shooting, you can’t even tell! 😬 Assuming you stick with OSU, good luck!

Heart, Melanie.

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