The Hammergrens.

Eleanor has survived a whole year of brothers and having Bob as a father.  Between the two of those things, I’m not sure which is a bigger feat!🤣

Bob and I are always on the same page. When a kid is cranky, just throw them around until they start laughing. Or crying. Sometimes crying happens first.🤷🏼‍♀️😆

Eleanor sandwich!

It was cold, as all sessions are the last handful of months. My hands have grown used to being numb while shooting in just above freezing temps.

I have no problem dealing with it, but I’m not heartless, do feel bad for the little ones!😬 Blankets are always a must!

The cold got the best of her. Poor baby. Landon, “But I should just keep smiling?”

Had to focus in on that fantastic forehead hurricane.

Dad’s job will always be the family jungle gym. 😍

Her scrunched nose smile!

Looks at me, shivering. “What’s wrong with you?” Looks at Dad. “Why are you doing this to me?” ::Dad laughs::

She reeeeally had had enough at this point but the sun was out and finally giving us a *little* warmth and setting so magically.

I wanted to push her a little more and yay! It worked!

I kept saying, but the sun! We can’t walk away from this! 😆 I could have fixed those purple lips, but they tell the whole story.

SO pretty, Laura! Love this!

He’s been annoying her for over a decade now. 💕

When that golden sun fills your lens just right!😍

I love when the blog tells a different story then the day of. It’s like how we reminisce about the years and you just remember the good times.

There were clearly plenty of good moments had amongst the frigid and tears and this is all you need to remember this fun season in your

lives anyway. Good to see y’all and have dinner with you after so we could collectively torture a teenage waiter. 😬 Heart, Melanie

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