The Reinshagens.

Both Adam’s and my family have known the Reinshagens since we were kids. Our parents were all friends separately their twins were friends with my

older sisters, while simultaneously growing up with Adam and his twin. You know what you call that? The Westside. 🤣🤣 They surprised Diane with a

birthday party and a photo session as a gift! I love how Diane’s looking at me amongst the chaos like, these are my people and I love ALL of this!

Amy and her cute boys!

Danielle planned this session and spent the days leading up to it in the Florida sun. I don’t think they were mentally prepared to

stand in 32º and be cheery with palm trees on the brain.😳

The sun kept teasing us, in and out of the clouds!

These hams!!

Toofless smiles will always be my fav!

Josie was born the same day as our twins. I don’t even remember who spotted who first in the hall at the hospital, but it was a sweet little “get outta town!” moment.

They really didn’t want to take those blankets off as they stood there shivering so hard. I told them I’d take one with them on all cuddled up, if they laughed

really hard at my fart noises jokes.😬

Both Danielle, Christie (Amy’s identical twin) and I know the pain of watching our sisters fight for their lives battling cancer. I am so thankful Amy was spared

and continues to share her badassery with the world. With us all having been through those tough years, words don’t even need to be exchanged.

It’s one of those situations that when we saw each other, a tight hug and a head nod was enough to say, “Yes, we get it.”

These boys needed their mama as much as she needed them.💕

Josie commanding the spotlight. YES, girl!

Pure joy.

The family has grown quite a bit since you took your first stoop picture at this house decades ago. 😍

They wanted the images to look like Spring, but ya know, that wind was painful so blankets wrapped was just the only option. Adorable either way!

I’m sure you’ve seen images floating around the cyber world by the talented “Salvage Sisters” with their restoration and interior design skillllls.

Christie and Amy started that little passion project which quickly escalated to waiting list for booking! Love seeing those before and afters!

They promised the kids some s’mores after, so I stuck around to watch them catch all the marshmallows on fire. 🤣

She’s like, did you want a bite of my tasty, sticky, gooey marshmallow? So sweet, but imma pass. 😆

Glad we finally made this happen. I know y’all have been faithful followers for years and I’m sure it’s fun to see your own tribe on here! Thanks for having me!!

Much love! Heart, Melanie.

  • Bonnie Carter - What absolutely awesome pics you have taken and what a wonderful family to photograph. They are all so lucky to have each other.

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