Jake’s closing out his senior year. Can’t believe there’s already countdown happening to the school year!

He relaxed quickly which makes the session so much smoother!

The sky was so clear and the sun was strong. It’s fun to be able to play around with hard light on a guy’s face cause you

can’t do that often in a flattering way for girls!

We learned after leaving this spot that he was looking directly at his parents eating dinner in the restaurant out of view.

HA! They texted something witty about always having their eyes on him. 😆

What a dapper dude!

LOVE these! Can’t you tell how much his confidence grew when the suit went on?!

By this point he was all, “ya…I got this…”

It was nice to see you all again! Thanks for having me back for another senior session! Good luck in Dayton, Jake!

Heart, Melanie.

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