The Stowes.

Megan and Mike grew by one little Ellis, since I’ve shot them last and also this time Megan brought along the rest of her fam.

Tickle dem babies!!

Braxton lost his tooth a few years too young and now this adorable little gap remains.

As soon as she pulled her sister’s in and was acting the goofiest, I knew immediately she was the youngest. 😍 If I didn’t say it

outloud then and you didn’t know…I, too, am the youngest of 3 girls. 💕

The half seconds Braxton and Crosley stood still.

Just as my twins do, they kept running off in opposite directions the whole time! While it was rather amusing but exhausting,

I finally got them to run together if everyone chased them. 🤣


He turned so fast to run from us, I was dying that I actually caught him mid air WITH the maniacal laugh.

So much love!

We hadn’t gotten to getting just the three of them because they wouldn’t stop moving unless being held AND Ellis didn’t want put down.

We finally tried and it was…something. Ellis just kept toppling. Braxton was in his own world. Crosley was super over it. And the rest of us

stood there singing and laughing as if this spectacle in front of us wasn’t happening. Unfortunately, by this point of torture all the High

School prom kids were gone from the park because we were providing excellent free birth control. 😬 Personally, this is my favorite! 🤣

I love how they’re both so petite, they just float in the air as they run!

For now, Papaw is still faster and could catch and drag those sacks of potatoes back to me!

You guys! Just think of how much more “fun” this will be when a bunch more grands are born! 🤪🤪 Lots of genuine laughter from the

craziness is the best. It’s always nice to see others kids are just as wild (as kids should be!) as my own! Thanks for having me!

Heart, Melanie

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