The Reids.

Finally got to meet Mr. Wyatt. I was supposed to be at the hospital for pics but all sorts of stress on Mom and baby stopped that from happening.

Everything was better quickly in order to have a series of reschedules from sicknesses. The more kids ya have, the more yuck is

floating around your house! 😩 But alas!! We finally did it! And had a beautiful morning!!🙌🏼

Emerson and I were best pals this morning. 😍 Look how cute Little Mr is!!

Cooper was excited to show me all his gaps. All the shifting around of old and new teeth at that age is the best. I wish I had more

images of my rows of shark teeth from adolescence!!

The babe was nursing so these two stayed cuddled with dad. Cooper has always done such a good job of getting Emerson to giggle!

Gorgeous, Brittany!

When the baby declared the session over. 😃

I hope yall had a good time at Great Wolf! And more importantly, I hope you have a germ free summer!! Woohooo! 💕 Heart, Melanie

  • Roland Reid - What a great series of pictures. And a wonderful family.

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