The Days.

Looks like Adam and Pierson are outnumbered by the laaaaadiesss!! Little bird, Maia, made Lillian a big sister! She’s thrilled!

Lil couldn’t stop touching her. 😍

I was taking the above image and totally focused in on Maia. Then I heard giggles and saw movement below. Changed camera angles and

spotted this little miss smiling so big at me. Which was super funny because I’d already been there 20min and she was making me work

for the smiles, then when it wasn’t her turn, there she was, ready to go! 🤣

Hey, 12yo P!

Lil is just so ready for that baby to start playing.


So handsome!

She ran in and wanted to get in her bed after she watched P play in his.

Crazy girl!

The sweetest!

Those giggles.

Let’s just take a moment to appreciate and break down this image. First picture me running around chasing/blocking in and picking

up cats. One after the other because naturally, they’d jump off the bed immediately after I put them down. So you have Pierson smiling

like the perfect little rule follower he is. First borns, amiright? Maia, red and screaming her head off. Kristen suspending the back arching

cat out away from the baby as it fought to run. Lilian super over it. Adam hysterical as the cat he’s holding down, is HISSSING and pissed

off. All while Mila is in the foreground bored and wondering why I’m even trying. This, my friends….This is a quality image. So much better

of a story than perfectly curated abstracted reality. This is real life, and I love it. And yes, we did give up after this train wreck.😆😆

Thankful the baby got her smoothly and you’re feeling much better Kristin! I love seeing you guys and watching the kids grow! I can’t wait to see

Maia get some rolls on those legs!! See y’all in the Fall!  Heart, Melanie.

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