Gina & Josh.

These two hotties on a gorgeous spring day!!! It was so lovely! Well, minus the clusters of allll the people around the blossomed

trees taking selfies.  Definitely could have done without that. 🙄

They brought their children along, who were SO excited to be out at the park!

I told them to sit and cuddle and he pulled her down onto his lap. She wasn’t ready and it was funny.

Those laughs. I wish I could hear what he was saying to you. 🤣😍

Y’all pretty.

She was trying to do the 3rd grade girl hand games with him. 😆

You guys. 🤣🤣 I said, go help her balance on the fallen trunk. I pulled my camera up to shoot and said to myself, what in the

world are they doing? After a minute of watching them do “things” I yelled, “what did you think I said while walking away from

you?” “We thought you said to do some balancing.” 😭 Well that explain the warrior 3 pose below. 🤔

The pups were looking all pretty in the wild flowers!



The petals kept blowing off in the wind looking like snowflakes in the air!

Obviously I’m going to take a portrait of the kids too.

Gimme dat balllll!

You guys were super cute and relaxed! Wedding day should be just as smooth if you bring those “ok, cool” attitudes!

See ya in a couple months!! Heart, Melanie

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