The Smiths.

I spent the morning on the Smith’s property where they own nearly 100acres of land! Growing up on on this type of space must have

been so fun! All the activities you can do in an expanse like that!

Mom and Dad lookin hot!

The girls were being so affectionate and the boys…weren’t. 🤣 So I said to Ryan, “love on your son, will ya!!” In Dad speak,

that means, pick up and shake. 😆

I spent the last hr with Riley for his senior shots.

He brought out his dog for some lovin!

It’s a bit of a joke about how many different large machines went out on the land one day and never came back. 😆

There’s a story behind this boulder. I believe somehow Riley’s grandpa acquired it and moved it along with him from house to

house and since he passed, it now rests in their front yard. 💕

At the end he drove me out on one of the “toys” to his favorite spot in the crop fields.

It was nice to meet you all! I’m surprised it took so long with so many mutual friends! 😆 Good luck finishing senior yr and

with Biology next yr at UC!! Heart, Melanie.

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