The Cowells.

This sweet baby cakes! Reese Cup Marie has my entire family swooning, so I can’t even begin to imagine how the Glanklers and Cowells feel!

Take note of that tongue on the left. If it’s not out, its cause we pushed it in. They’re convinced it’s too big for her mouth. 🤣

Reese is already getting a new room in a couple weeks! An opportunity to buy fell in their laps at the same time someone offered to

buy their house before even listing?! They have no idea how lucky they are to not deal with cleaning, toys, showings and allll that is selling

a house with small children!! Goooood for you guys!!

With those open eyes, we are starting to see more of Mommy in that little face!

😍😍 Chase loving on his girls, one gorgeous mama and a baby double chin!!😍😍

My aunt came over to visit in the middle of us taking pics and Reese was smiling it up for her!

The forehead cowlick!! So interested to see how that plays out. 😬

You guys are the cutest. I know it hasn’t set in fully that she’s YOURS forever, but it will soon!! I just can’t wait til novelty of her wears off so

the line to hold her isn’t always 6 people deep! I want her all for myself!😭 So much fun ahead for you guys! We are excited to see you settle in

your new place and make it your home. Yay Wesssside fo life! Love you guys. Heart, Aunt Mel

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