The Denos.

These Irish twins, Sloane and Charlotte hardly look a year apart anymore! Lottie caught up to Sloane’s clothing size pretty quickly and now Laura and

Craig spend their days convincing people, NO THEY REALLY ARENT TWINS!!

Also, it never gets old to me saying Laura birthed her husband TWICE. I see their pics all the time and still am baffled at the mini Craigs!!!

The whole family has the cutest dimples!!

While Lottie was having a miserable morning, Sloanie was having the time of her life. 🤣

Happy Mother’s Day, pretty mama!!

She freaked out every second Laura wasn’t holding her, which was basically this solitary moment because she death gripped Laura at any attempt

to hand her to dad or put her down. TEEEEETHING is the pitssss.

Sloane returned from her frolicking to try and soothe her baby sis.💕

Little miss on the right was just having a ROUGH day.


The very end just got amusing. I mean, if you can’t laugh at this, you’re not even a parent because we’ve ALL been there. One screaming

while the other is straight leg kicking you in the face. I was dying. 🤣🤣 Better you than meeeee!😬

Don’t you just love how the blog paints it’s very own perspective of the day. 🤣😍 It’s my specialty. I should put it on a resume. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Love you guys and

those little cute doll faces who only wanted to be my friends when my camera was down. 🥰 You’re doing great. Hang in there! 🤪 Heart, Melanie

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