The Topps.

One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Yep, you counted correctly. So many kids 😍 and those kids counted off “their number” just the

same before leaving so there will never be any Kevin McAlister incidents. 🤣

I met Marianne at MSJ, what feels like centuries ago. We graduated and didn’t see each other again til story time at the library. I was walking in

with Nori in a pumpkin seat and here she was, already had Justin, Henry, and Lydia in her belly! DANG, I was still trying to figure out

mothering a single baby, much less 2.5! And Justin still had many special needs at the time, which alone must have been overwhelming! She’d come

and go from story time over the years and I swear each time she came, she had a new kid in her arms and a new one in her belly! 🤣🤣

All I could think was zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

They’re all so stinkin’ cute!

If you saw my Instagram of them, then you already heard me say this. It is purely magical how well behaved all 7 of them are. Well, honestly, all

9 of them. 🤣 I shoot just as many cranky dads as I do toddlers! But if you’re a member of OLV then you’ve seen this crew sit in the front pews at mass

and barely even squirm much less make noise. I.DONT.GET.IT. My four save up all the terrible things to say until its mass time when they

shout out things like, “DONT DRINK THE BLOOD MOM, HUMANS DONT DRINK BLOOD!!” Meanwhile, these angels sit and listen

like they’re seasoned veterans making the rest of the church parents feel like failures holding our hands over our toddlers mouths…

“BUT WHY IS JESUS NAKED UP THERE. HE NEEDS SOME PANTS!” Sigh. With little effort, they smiled and laughed with me and

I just continued to shake my head in disbelief. 😳

I mean, wouldn’t we all have 47 kids if they behaved like this? So loving and sweet with each other instead of  having to

break up backseat brawls every second of our lives. 🙄

Already going on 15yrs of marriage this Fall!

Seriously though, how many times a day do you hear, “you sure have your hands full!” I’d say that must be SUPER annoying

but I think your full spectrum of emotion is happy to happier soooo.

Agnes wasn’t happy about Marianne putting her down for some Mom and Dad portraits but immediately Lydia scooped her up and sang to her calming her right down.

When Marianne asked me a couple months ago if I thought I could handle their crew, (which I had no doubt I could!) I immediately had this image

of Wayne in my head with all the kids. Dad’s are jungle gyms and having to constantly entertain so many kids, I just wanted him to have that tangible

image forever. I love it. I know he loves it too, which is the best part about it.  Knowing Wayne, he’s probs like, I could fit one more on my shoulders!

Also, while Marianne would never complain about her blessed life, I KNOW she has to feel this way, admittedly or not. 🤣 So many hands tugging

on us, pulling us in each direction, yelling at us! Shew. And the fact the baby is crying just makes it so much better. And Charles pushing his dagger

into her in the side.😭😭 #MomLife

I look at your life and part envy y’all, but also part think you’re incredibly nuts. I feel like that’s probably the average consensus of your friends.

The love and joy you must feel in all the beauty you’ve created, nothing can compare. But the deeeeep exhaustion you must feel and fact Marianne’s been

pregnant or nursing for 14 yrs straight…NOPE. Bahaha. Hanging out with your perfect little gaggle did make my ovaries ache, I will not lie. So how about this.

You go through the pregnancy and make sure the baby has both of your kind, calm, beautiful genes, then just hand over the baby to me.

Well, maybe at like 6mths cause ain’t nobody got time for those endless nights of crying in the early months. But, your kids likely come out sleeping

through the night!🤔Anyways, that’d be greeeeat. Thanks so much! 🥰 You guys are the best. Heart, Melanie.

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