Mr. & Mrs. Fedders!

While I was finding my way up to the balcony, I went too far and 😳😳😳 gasped walking into this room. The stained glass from the outside are so dark, I truly

didn’t even notice the front rose window was even there! It was blazing hot in the attic but sure worth the climb and sweat for this beauty!

Trisha wanted to do something I’d never done before, which was the ‘first look’ in the vestibule! Guests were were already seated and arriving,

which made it tricky, but thanks to Joe’s mom and Trisha’s friend “bouncing” at the doors, we made it work! 😆

Trisha waited inside this small side room and when I walked in to get her, I was all, WAIT! Don’t move!

In 15 yrs, I’ve never seen a groom escort his bride. It was so sweet!

Joe’s parents stood as witnesses.💕

As we went to exit the church for portraits, none of us had a clue it was raining absolutely mid hurricane, sideways raining. We opened the big doors and

the speed of the wind completely exploded into the vestibule, blowing allll the papers everywhere. The rain whipped in so forcefully, we all screamed but the

doors wouldn’t even close with the pressure! We waited 10 minutes to walk out to my car and behold, a rainbow!! So ya, those category 5 winds that uprooted

trees along the sidewalk and completely crumbled a building across the street…redeemed with this!😍

I don’t typically even use the church in portraits but Trisha has been a daily mass goer for years at Sacred Heart, which means this structure was extra special!

Naturally, the sun also came out full force! Win!

You guys are so cute! I loved the simplicity of your day. Completely focusing on the sanctity of the sacrament which often gets lost in the chaos of wedding days!

Thanks for having me and blessings in the years to come! Heart, Melanie

  • Joe & Virginia Gubasta - Your photos captured the true
    beauty of a Catholic Marriage; Trish and Joe are a very special
    Catholic couple!

  • Jan Dixon - I just love these photos! They are spectacular and they truly capture the love and devotion of Trisha and Joe.
    I regret that I could not attend due to my vacation but I feel that every lovely detail was captured by your wonderful expertise in the art of photography.
    Thank you for sharing these priceless moments!
    Jan Dixon❤️

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