The Kuchenbuchs.

SURPRISE & HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Martha and Chris! These GORGEOUS GIRLS right here, snuck out and did a little thing for their parents birthdays!

Having taught them and now shot two of their senior pics, they’re quite comfortable with me so it made this so much more easy and fun!

I warned them from the start that wandering downtown with me, especially on a nice night while everyone is out…they’re going to get all the stares and cat calls. 😆

 And they did. I mean, how does one not walk baby these babes and stare? Not every day, models roam the streets!

After awhile, I didn’t even have to ask them to touch. They just came together as if they love to be close and not annoy the crap out of each other like every other minute of the day. 🤔

Didn’t even ask them to hold hands and skip. 🤣 Sisters!

Soph, far left, is the baby…a FRESHMAN in HS?!?! Alex, the oldest in her early 20s, kept hollering about how Sophie looked as old as her. TRUTH. Shoot! They all look mid 20s!

Seriously. I can’t deal.

Miss thang in the middle just graduated High School! WOOT! Congratulations Cam!! Good luck at my Alma Mater!! Do us proud on the soccer field!!

On the left, it’s their “thing.” 💕 And the last 3 portraits. YALL STUNNNNING.

Well Martha and Chris, I’m sure you’re sobbing. Both at the surprise and at where your baby girls have gone! I love that they did this for you and I hope you love them!

I also hope you didn’t worry too much at their “we’re going out, don’t worry there will be an adult with us!” that evening. 🤣🤣 I had a great time girls!

Can’t wait to do your senior pics in a couple yrs, Soph! Happy birthday, Mom and Dad! Heart, Melanie

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