The Slicers.

Look at these adorable smiles!

Josie Kate was hilarious. She was all over the place and loving life will doing her own thing…completely ignoring us.


Monkey see. Monkey do.

By “play with your sister” I didn’t necessarily mean…pull all her hair. 😂😂

So Leah and Ryan found out this day that Sam can raise only one brow! I told him to smile at me and he did this. I asked him to do it again for mom

and dad because they were busy chasing the other two and they paused like, what the?! Impressive.

Why are they so cuuuute!?

The amount of energy that it took all three of us adults to get these kids to stay put and smile. zzzzzz. Lots of farting sounds and the like.😬 GOD LOVE EM!

She insisted on being a big girl and helping me.

Simple joys!!

What every parent feels like after a session. 🤣🤣 Tired and sweaty and But I still made them put on a happy face while the kids ran away.

They’re laughing because Finn was supposed to be riding straight at me but he kept riding in circles around the group so I was all, “cool, you do you, buddy!”

This pretty girl is a realtor now! Besides flipping houses with Ryan, now she’s selling them! You’re gorgeous, mama! Those natural waves are off the hook!

So glad the rain blew over and allowed us to shoot in much cooler temps! You guys are adorbs. I had fun watching you manage the chaos!

Have a great weekend! XXOXO Heart, Melanie

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