The Pulsfort.

Last year this party of 31 scheduled their session. It figures that it called for heavy rain this day in the forecast all week long. Even the

night before it was still 50% rain but if you’ve dealt with this scenario with me before, you know I wait as long as I can to make the call.

Also, if you live in Cincy, you never know what will happen. 🙄Sure enough we woke up to sunny HOT weather?!  I’m so glad we didn’t

postpone and have to try and rework a million schedules!! 🙌🏼 Thanks for your patience, team Pulsfort!

Love this!

So much love for Grandma and Grandpa!

The OG Pulsforts.

Ya win some…and ya lose some. They were behind me yelling, “Just take it! This is life right now!”  🤣🤣 I appreciate that as a parent.

😍 I’d 100% frame this. Because, adorable!!

Great work on raising such a beautiful family and making it through allll the things together!

Everyone looking and nearly everyone smiling!🙌🏼 I’ll take it!!

In between families while we waited for groups to assemble, there was lots of parents grabbing single kids and bringing them in tight. I love that!

As the third child, I don’t remember many images in my youth with either of my parents alone. They will all appreciate these one day.💕

It was great to meet and sweat 😬with all of you! For such a large group, you guys really did do great! Have fun printing and framing!

I hope someone makes a big canvas for your parent’s wall of the large group!😍 If I were them, I’d want to admire it daily as a reminder of

all the hardwork they put in day in and out and see the successful outcome of all of you, that made it so worth it!💕 Cause 8 kids…zzzzz.

Heart, Melanie

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