The Elliotts.

The thing about photographing teenagers is that it’s much harder to make them laugh! Like, they don’t laugh at annnnything. He said the

only thing he thought was funny are “memes.” Welp. I can’t yell out a meme. But every now and then I can say something inappropriate BOOBS

enough to not get me arrested but also get a reaction out of them. 🤣

Those are some good looking kids!

Love love love both of these!

Call me in a handful of years when Syd is ready for her senior pics because that’s going to be crazy easy for me. 😍

They’re only a year apart and I don’t think Sydney has much longer till he towers over her!

I hope Reid felt better quickly! Next time I hope to meet his happy self! It was nice to meet you all! Heart, Melanie

  • Jeanmarie - WOW! These are amazing! Reid is a Lady Killer and Sydney has this amazing Beauty! You so captured the essence of these wonderful people. Finally, Deb is the Rock of this family. She is So Special ❤️

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