The Barretts.

We’ve had so many boys born in our neighborhood the last few years that it was refreshing to hear theres a new baby girl to balance the crazy!

Alyse started the session a little unsure about Michael’s love. “Gimme some space, bro!” “But I just wanna kiss youuu!”

These sweet smiles!

Love that rotten smile!

If puppy looks could kill. 🤣

That droopy lip!😍

Hi, Kim, you’re gorgeous!

A big reward for patiently waiting out her sleep cycle.😍

No fun to be had with daddy!

You can’t really explain toddler choices, he just randomly decided Darrell’s face was a good stepping stone. 🧐

She looks just like Michael!

It was mighty nice to pack my bag, step out of my door, walk 3 houses down to arrive at my shooting destination. 🤣 So happy things have gone

so smoothly for you! She’s adorable and we are all (especially Nori) excited to watch her grow! Hoping she can hold her own against all these boys!

Heart, Melanie

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