Mr & Mrs Gardener!

THIS WEDDINNNNG!😍 All the pretty people. All the emotion! It was such a wonderful celebration of love!

Kyle and his dudes were far away in Liberty so Adam hung with the gals for the quick half hour we were there before leaving!

Kyle cut straight to the hotness when they met up.

It was cool to have another camera angle as I was squished into one small spot with no change in framing.

Love these Shots Adam was getting from in the hallway!

A bunch of adorable (chill)  kids, call for a bunch of adorable pictures.

“I’m about to get married!!!!”

I swear, all of the wedding party looks like they’re actually modeling their attire.

She’s wearing Courtney’s veil from a handful of years ago and well, we certainly had fun with it again! GORGEOUS!

You counted, didn’t you?🤣 And all the ones who aren’t blood, love them as if they were!


Naturally, Adam was playing with all the kids. 😍

Happy 6th birthday, Gemma!

Waiting to start their roles as program distributors, they were chilling on the steps so perfectly!

Whenever I’m with Garrett and Nolan I just admire how sweet and calm they are and pray my twins will be this way by their age. 🤣😍

I loved that as I looked into the sea of wedding guests, not only did I know half of them (westside is the best side!) But also, we’ve documented

countless weddings and portraits of theirs and their children. It was like a Loft3 reunion. Made my heart sing!

Father announced them as man and wife and only Kyle heard him softly say, “you may kiss your bride,” so Chels casually turned away from

Kyle to get her bouquet from Christy. Kyle was like UMMMMMMMMMMM and she turned back to him like OMG WE ARE

SUPPOSED TO KISS!!! It was all adorably perfect and she giggled her way through it. 😍

We rolled up to Drees and had 10+minutes to spare. They were full on jamming on the bus and I hopped off to confirm sun setting…

Then was all 🤔how am I gonna get back on and convince them the light is so magically soft right now that it’s imperative we use it. I

slowly stepped back on thinking of phrasing and because I forget people can see my expressions 🙄, the girls closest to

the door were like, what’s wrong!? 🤣🤣 I said, ummm you can TOTALLY keep partying BUT this light, you guys….flaming hot🔥🔥🔥.

And they all immediately stopped partying and humored me, which I felt so guilty for but LOOK! 😍

When the light looks as yummy behind you as it does on your face!😍

Dear Karen and Kevin, YOU MADE THESE STUNNING HUMANS!!! And the very best part is that they are even more beautiful inside as out!

I know, right? Believe me, I’ve known them my entire life and they’re family couldn’t be more gracious.

Courtney did Chelsea’s hair which made her go from looking like Chels to whyyy can’t I stop calling you Court! It was like dejavu all day long of 5yrs ago!

I love that they were both equally flattered by mixup! Also, even the facebook artificial intelligence auto tagged her as Courtney when I posted yesterday!

Alllll 4 toasts were perfection. The whole reception was laughing the entire time! Well done MOHs and BMs!

You guys know how to partaaay! I love it! I always leave time spent with any Geigers feeling so loved. It takes a special kind of soul to make others

feel so warm inside. Genuine kindness. AND Chelsea just married into a family who is JUST as generous and friendly! I didn’t even realize

I grew up with Kyle’s aunt (gasp!) until I saw her parents walking down the aisle as the GRANDparents of the groom!! (GAAASP!)

Truly a mindblown “westside” moment! 🤣 Thanks so much for having us back! You’re all the best. Many Congrats!

Heart, Melanie & Adam.

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