The Massa Papizes

Kimmy and Henry came in town to celebrate Sebastian turning ONE with their Cincinnati family! Plus Kimmy had her OLV grade school 25th

reunion the night before, so what better time to throw in an early morning family session the day after all that! 🤣

Her pretty cousins joined in the second half!

Leftover party swag.

Daddy is the worrrrrst. JK DADDY IS THE BEST!

The amount of hilarity that went into getting these three to A. stay sitting, B. not cry and 3. LOOK AT ME… I mean, the fact we got a

two of three smiles felt like a gold medal achieved! 🤣😍😍

That backlit hair 😆


Bro. Why you cry?

“Don’t go bro, I didn’t mean it! ” “I’m taking my rocks and stick and leaving!”

That feather hair! Could it be any cuter?!

So great see and photograph you, Kimmy! The most amazing part is that you literally look the exact same as you did 30yrs ago. Liiiiike, no

joke, not just trying to compliment you. It’s quite impressive!  Nice to meet the rest of you all in those crazy 45min. HA! Have a great weekend!

Heart, Melanie

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