The Haweses.

I haven’t shot Kim and Nick since Penny was born!

The dynamic has changed quite a bit with the family now theres a little lady looking up to and doing all the things her big brother does!😍

Also loving Kim’s blonde bob!!

Nick tosses the kids around like rag dolls and they absolutely love it. Out of nowhere they’d be peacefully walking and daddy grabbed them and flung them around.🤣

He was swinging him so quickly, the chances of me getting them in focus in general was slim, much less through the shoes! Could NOT do that again!! 😆


All of their dimples kill me!

We made it back to the entrance for sunset.

Without even prompting, they just started tossing leaves and jumping. I’m like, alright then, that’ll do. 😍🤣

That orange light was blinding me, but lighting them on fire!

I’ve never done this type of silhouette before! 😱It was a perfect alignment of golden backlight to separate from the glowing shrubs. Super cool.

I can hear your laugh, Griff!

Different lenses create different flares. 😍

It was so dark but that sun was hanging on just behind them. Cranked up the ISO and embraced the grain to expose them!

What a fun and beautiful evening, you guys! The kids did so wonderfully and I really enjoyed hanging out with them! Didn’t seem like a few yrs passed at all!

Great to see you! Heart, Melanie

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