Mr & Mrs Isaacson!

Ten years in the making, Christine was finally the bride! I was thrilled to have my old friend ask us to document the festivities for her!😍

Mom is making everyone laugh like usual with her wonderful personality!

Ligs (Christine Liguzinski) make Kevin a book of the their last decade together.

Off to the first look with her man!

Adam walked around the lake while I stayed close. Fun to get two completely different shots at the same time.

We got the hard light to work for both of us!😍

Ligs kept hanging out at all these doors in downtime and she was just gorgeous in that light!

The road into Reckman Farm is tree lined and perfect for portraits.

Her dress was basically velcro to anything it touched. She stood off to the side swinging it around to get the pounds of mulch and

leaves off and she didn’t even realize how perfect she looked doing it!

Wagon rides all day and night!

Mr Ligs seeing his daughter! 😭😭😭😭

Just waiting for his big moment down the aisle. 😍

Their friends and family actually clapped and cheered for each group that walked down the aisle. Unexpected by the procession

and made for some great smiles for me!

Nothing to see here, just dragging the forest inside her dress.🤣 Lindsay tossed some forearm length sticks into the lake after they

got settled at the arbor. The best part was that Ligs just laughed about the whole thing! Perfect reaction, cause what else can you do?!

Her brothers ministered the ceremony. It was perfect!


Holy shiz, you’re stunning.

After the ceremony they took their wedding party back across the lake to hang with drinks and food for a bit. The light changed

completely so we snuck in a few more portraits in the downtime.

The light was gone off the dock so I went out and sat down to see if my feet hit the water. I turned around to yell, “hey, how

comfortable are you with sit…” and Ligs jumped down next to me and yelled to Adam to take our pic. 🤣😍

Together, they make a much prettier picture. 🥰


Riding back I looked over my shoulder at the wagon and the lighhhht. So yummy!

Changed into some reception hair and I wanted to document but they kept laughing together. 💕

They spent half the reception time that we were still there on a dark wagon ride through the woods but thankfully Andrea and

Megan were tearing it up because a night out without their 8 (combined) kids!! HOLLLER.🤣

On the left is Ligs Grandma. GRANDMA! That beautiful face and thick head of hair. What a great peak into Ligs’ future with

her mom, aunt (pink) and grandma’s ability to not age!! Amazing genes!!

What a fun day and night! Sad its come and gone but happy y’all are livin that high life in Hawaii for a couple weeks! I know you’re

having an amazing time but how fun to come home MARRIED! You’re MARRIED LIGS!! YAY! Congrats again!

Heart, Melanie & Adam

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