The Cowells.

Miss little double chins is 6mths tomorrow! 😍😭WHERE DOES THE TIME GOOOO!!!

Good news is, she still has that over active tongue she’s had since birth. It’s still hysterical.

She thinks she’s so cool and big and then sometimes she gets reminded she’s still a baby! Whoopsie daisy!  Good catch, dad!


She’s been doing this yelling thing for awhile now. Maybe I should say, growling? I don’t know how to explain other than it’s very loud and very aggressive

and we can’t get enough of it. And then there’s that tongue. 🤣

I mean, clearly mama’s milk is hittin the spot. 🥰

Screaming at us on the left. DIMPLESSS on the right!!😍

They forewarned me she was awake all night long (ear infection diagnosed next day!) and thought she’d be crank town. I brought

Nori along to ensure I could get those smiles. Super glad she was thrilled to play with us.😍 Also, in search of her neck. 😭🤣

She loves jumping and if she bears weight it’s only long enough to push off and jump again. 😬

They know to smile through whatever she’s doing…like crying on the right. 🤣 She’s fine. Everything is fine.

Reeeeeeese cuuuuuup!!!!!

Mama NoJo took her and put her right to sleep while I grabbed a couple of Rach and Chase. God love ‘er.

Because eating mommy’s face is fun. And also, my little assistant making those huge smiles happen. 😍

Our own kids are growing up too fast but dang, nieces grow even faster. Every time I see her she’s doing all new tricks! I can’t deal with it!!

Watching her grow is our favorite! Love all your faces. Heart, Aunt Mel

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