The Kroegers.

Let’s first talk about how it’s getting dark way too fast these days. 😭Winter is right around the corner and I’m in total denial about it.

However, I can’t complain that the light I’ve had recently has been great!

This crew was very receptive to me which is wonderful since the ages of kids together could have been way more challenging.

Late teens down to toddlers! 😍

Frank thought every thing I said was hilarious and well, who doesn’t love when people laugh with you!

Dad sneaking a kiss.🤣😍

“Just walk together” translated in two little boys minds to RUUUUNNNN AWAAAAY! Amy taking off after them!🤣🤣


Again. Frank just gets me. 🤣


We finished with Mya’s senior pictures whiiiich were incredibly easy because helllloooo photogenic!

Also that setting sun!😍

Shooting directly

She just knows. I love when I don’t have to move subjects around but can just show them with my body and they immediately just get it.

We tried to take a serious shot of these three beauties and well…

you see how that went. 🤣🤣 Also, the amount of hair on their heads is completely incredible. Never ever take that for granted!!!

What a fun night with you all! I love how natural and smooth everything went! You guys are wonderful to be around! Have a great weekend!

Heart, Melanie

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