The Girniuses.

Luiza got a Leonardas!

Luiza’s nanny is our friend and my niece’s old nanny so she bring Lu around to hang with my kids sometimes! She was at

their house like any other day while I was shooting, so she helped Lu through her 3yo tantrums. 😍

But, ya know, can’t win em’ all. 🤣

Daddy with the redirection win!

Saulius was talking her down again while she was hiding from me. 🤣 These little “Jesus take the wheel” moments are never

documented and they should be. With a new baby, this is a huge part of life right now so I’m glad they’ll have this to show

Lu one day when she starts having her own kids. 😆


Having Jaclyn around was so helpful cause we all know our kids respond different to their parents than others!

Handsome guy!

Love this blanket!

Silly Daddy has her walking on the ceiling!

🤣🤣🤣 “Oh my gosh! How dare you take a picture of me naked”

Congrats on your rainbow! He’s perfect! You’ll settle in soon! Toddlers are harder than babies, everyone knows that! In about 20

yrs, she’ll be much easier to negotiate with, no worries.🤣 Heart, Melanie

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