The Brauntzes.

Rotha told me before the session she really wanted a silhouette so I wanted to go somewhere the sun was rising behind them! A. Look how big Emerson is! and 2. Love your hair flowing back, Rotha!!

TOO cold and too morning for this baby. 🤣

She came around quickly. 😍

I never get rainbow flares down the center of the frame and especially not arced?! Must have been Emerson’s twin brother

popping in to say helloooo! Hey Hudson, we see you! 💕

Sassafras turning it on and off like nobody’s business. 😆

How gorgeous are you, mama??


I say this every time but, Y’ALL MADE THIS FACE!!

She get it from her mama!

Also, thought it was totally weird to see a vertical cloud just behind them. I started to take it out and then was like, weird, the

blue negative space forms a profile of a face?? So again, helloooo Hudson Brauntz! 😍 He’s clearly always in my mind!

Hope y’all had fun at the game that night! I love all that personality that little diva has! Hope you have a wonderful holiday season!

Heart, Melanie.

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