The Linds.

THAT FACE!! What an amazing use of eye brows too!! She was unhappy standing near flowers cause BEES!😆


Miss Harper is a runner. Well actually, a fast walker.🧐 But stay put, she dared not! Erin is trying to bribe her with a flower that matched her shirt! 😍

Love that smile!

BAHAHAHAHHA. Poor Ellie doing her best as her sister was pissssed! “I WILL NOT be held down!”

Lots of song and dance later!

“Ohhhhh you got me!”

That expression!💕

I moved closer to use a different lens. Did.Not.Like. I’m sorry I’m continuously laughing at this poor baby. I have 4 kids and relate this on so many levels.

Erin knows. I warned her I was sharing the hilarity, because she’s so damn cute!!

Man. So pretty!


Alternative caption: I’m going to squeeze you because otherwise I might toss you in the garbage.🤣🤣😍

Pretty mama and baby!

I worry that the faster Harper gets, the more you’re going to lose your mind. 🤣 I know this from experience! 🥴 Raising independent little ladies tho!

Well done! So happy we still got lots of smiles! Heart, Melanie

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