The Osterkamps.

What do you get when you put three red heads in a pile of red and orange leaves? UM..perfection!😍

Allll the good texture! Plus Fall colors! Win!

She’s very proud to be his twin. 😀

Hello gorgeous eyes!

It took a few tries for timing with these kids. 😆

Yay! You did it!


This historical street is truly one of the most hidden gems in Cincy. The residents are doing an excellent job cleaning it up to its original beauty.

We were talking to the guy who has been flipping the house next-door for the last three years about how gorgeous this wall USUALLY is at this

week in the season. Every year it’s this multicolor rainbow ivy he would see outside his window but because of the decay

and flipping of this house too, they had to rip it down. My heart.😭 On another note, damn Em, you got some strong ass legs!!

There was a local guy walking by saying a joke about sunscreen. 🤣

Mia! Your eyes match the wall! ::goes cross eyed::🧐😆

It was SO SMOOTH this year. We moved along so quickly it’s like they were adults! Well done, kids!! Good to see you! Heart, Melanie

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