The Flicks

Oh my goodness, could you all be any more perfect?!

Every yr I go to their house because…Amanda would never leave her house if she didn’t haaave to. 🤣 Me too, girl.

When Dad tosses you to the moon and back. 😱

Traditions. Also, HOT MOM!


Charlie and I have forever done this hate to love dance every single shot. One of these times he’s going to have to accept he can’t be mad at me!

The best!

Every time. And the thing is, too, is that it takes me very little effort to even crack him! So why do we have to go through the steps? 🧐 Kids!

Such a pretty little lady!

That smile. Bahhaa.

I am not exaggerating. It’s his thing. Such a goof!

They were walking down the hill and the light was pretty. I said, on a scale of 1-10 how much you love America? 🤣 “I mean? We like it!”

Cool cause I can hear the National Anthem in this image. HAHA.


Amanda’s reaction when I told her how stunning she looked in the light.😍

You guys. There were SO many images just like this. I was dying while culling. Charlie would spontaneously throw things and his wind up nearly poked

Craig in the eye every.single.time. Parenthood right there. Punched in the face out of nowhere. 😏Reminds me of last night leaning down to kiss

Ezra goodnight, he decided that moment IN THE DARK was a great time to start thrashing his head. So, bloody nose for mom. Yay parenthood! 🙄

These mini-me’s just keep getting more adorable. I didn’t even think that was possible! Looking forward to when I can do Zumba with you again!

Heart, Melanie

Ps. Look at this cute pic of us from your sister’s wedding! Heeeey Lori!

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