The Fromms.

Double trouble being themselves. 🤣

The thing about these two is that they don’t care whose company they’re in. They have big personalities and want to just share joy with the world.

Being normal is boring anyway, right?

Gosh, I love that texture and those colors. 😍 And that pretty family too.

I’m not sure y’all will be picking up Olivia next year!

Brooks, don’t look at me! ::looks directly at me and smiles::

I love this. Sara, you’re so dang pretty.

Those legs on the left!😍

Marching backwards uphill. Somehow she didn’t bust her butt!

YES. 🤣 And Brooks. 😭😆 That was his “serious face.” Nailed it.

So this little sh*t was crossing her eyes this whole series and I didn’t even realize it. So this is what she gets! Imma post it! Except, she won’t

even be embarrassed! She 100% will be super proud. 😆

I really just told them to act natural.😬 It’s the best when I don’t have to coax it out of kids to relax. Just doing their thang and I capture it! 😍

PewPew. 🤣🤣🤣 Dancing with finger pistols. Heck yes.

When she’s not acting like a goof, you actually get the chance to see how gorgeous she is!

I would say she must have just learned how to do this, but from each previous yr I have documented proof this is NOT a new thing. 😬😆

They’re doing the “I’m watching you” back n forth.

I love your rotten kids! They make my processing of images so much more amusing. I can’t tell you how many times I chuckled to myself especially

when I zoomed in and saw her dang eyes crossed. AGAIN!! ::fist in the air:: Normally a parent would be mad but I know you all enjoy because ITS THEM!

Hope to see you again soon! Heart, Melanie

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