The Bloemker-Barneses.

I should have titled this blog “The Elise Show.” You’ll see.

So pretty, Grace!

There was no controlling her. They’d try and pick her up and she wiggle and flail and yell and 100% not look at me for a family picture. 🤣

I have no idea how I got her to do this because she was a crazy lady. But I LOVE THAT SHOT ON THE LEFT. 😍

Jeremy’s solution was to squeeze her real tight so she couldn’t get away. I like your style. 😆

I mean…gorgeous! I caught in in about .00008 of a second while she looked out at the other kids running around, but that’s all I needed! 😍

::insert maniacal laugh here::

Theresa really wanted a silhouette and it was so perfect how she dressed Elise for this type of shot! 😍

The sun was only hitting the tops of the trees which meant, the vibrance was the best there. Only one option! Toss the kiddie! 🤣😍

Look at you two!😍

She’d just got done spinning in 893 circles and crashed.

“Can you sit up for me?’ “No.” Flings her boots off instead. I love the adjustment from long lens above to the 50mm below. Letting in that dropping sun!😍

I moved close with my 35mm and literally held her with my left arm so she couldn’t get up and run. 🤣

We told her she HAD to look for at least one family picture and it’d be the very last shot! She didn’t like what I had to say and ran and hid in the bush. Bahahaha.

We got her out of the bush and she opted for the koala. 🤣 FINALLY WE GOT HER TO STAND STILL AND LOOK!!

And then we all went home and went to bed cause ZZZZZzzzzzzzzz. 🤣 Never a dull moment with that child! Always happy to capture

the fun! See y’all around! Heart, Melanie

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