The Reckamps.

Laura asked me to do a quick session on Black Friday while Katherine was in town from college. I was super overbooked but because I love them and

they’re so easy to shoot, whyyyy not add them in before my other client that day! 🤣

I never knew about their other baby, Abby! She wasn’t entirely sure what was happening either but she was a good girl for me!

She get it from her mama. 😍

These two rising stars! Aiden is officially a professional gamer!! Say whaaat?? I can’t even imagine the hours of “training” it took to even be scouted

in the first place but I’m glad you’re being paid to do what you love! And Katherine kicking butt at UCLA studying Human Biology and Society.

Like what does that even mean?! 🤣 I feel privileged to know them and am excited for their futures!

Dad jokes.

When big sis says to hug it out, you bring it in tight!

Kyle lookin all stellar and European.

Bryan, you’re barely holding the lead there, man!! I bet Kyle shoots up and passes both of you soon! 🤣 And Laura, when did you become the shortest?!

I told the kids to move closer and the boys reached out and held hands! I mean, teenage boys willingly reaching for each other like that?!

What kind of incredible humans are you raising?? Tell me all the secrets!

Even though we were only together a short time, I still enjoyed your company! I’m glad it worked out while your girl was in town! Happy Holidays!

Heart, Melanie

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