The LoBuonos.

We had some fun while mom sorted out the baby in the other room. It’s kind of amazing whenever I ask kids “whats your favorite thing

to do in your room?” “JUMP ON MY BED!!!” And I’m willing to bet, most parents don’t even allow it which is why it’s so funny and

also why it’s a pleasure for me to let them break the rules. 😬

A family of 4 bears.

Such pretty little girls!

Locklyn was so sweet as Giada fussed off and on. She just casually held the bottle and fed her as all big sister’s become lil’ mamas.

Sweet little smiles.

Three weeks old and awake the whole time cause she couldn’t miss a thing!

Grandma Cindy bought a bunch of cute things for Gia but as Heather experienced with me, simple shots like this…take forever. 🤣 Especialllly

when you have an active, alert baby! The issue is the 90min timeframe is quickly filled with the usual breakdown of family etc and I’d rather

spend more time on all the other moments than just getting a few posed in that whole hour and half. Thankfully we got enough shots for me

to work with just before she made the choice for us to be finished anyway by making a bit of a smelly mess on the rug. 😬😆

Parents don’t often like to play with that loaded gun up in the air but like I said, Heather was feeling lucky. 🤣 Pretty girl gave mama

multiple things to clean by the end of her portraits. 😆

Love Tony’s genuine smile!! Dad’s always hold back, well done, Daddy!

It was nice to meet you all! I’m glad everything is going so smoothly! Have a wonderful Holiday season as a family of 4!! Congrats!

Heart, Melanie

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