The Berkemeiers.

Going into a session with 6 kids, one of which is super fresh, I should feel so much anxiety. 1. That’ll I’ll be there hourssss and hopefully get a couple good shots.

2. So many tears will happen. and 3. Lighting that many faces evenly. YOU GUYS, these 8 humans cooperated better than any group of groomsmen

on a wedding day!! Look at them and their perfection! I was in and out in 2 hours and legit the baby barely fussed.

The rest couldn’t wait to find out what I wanted next! What kind of super human parenting are you doing in that RV/house?

Emily and Brent do ALL the things and quite successfully at that. Sold off their first businesses to go into running a baller real estate venture where they

buy these huge old homes, make them into incredible spaces and rent them on Air BnB. So many gorgeous properties, with this house being one.

They make them so pretty, I don’t understand how they can stand not to live in them and enjoy the cozy spaces they’ve created!

Daphne may have been a surprise, but she is nothing short of the most loved in the house. It was a constant demanding to hold her from every kid!

This makes my ovaries aaaache! They are so well behaved and polite! I wish I could win the lottery so we could afford a couple more too! SIGH.

If you haven’t figured it out, or have never seen them on my blog before, that’s one set of identical twin boys, followed by a single boy, fraternal

twin girls with the caboose of a baby sister! 😍 3 of each gender, how more perfect could that be?

Kids get to an age where making them give me a genuine laugh is much more difficult. Emily took it in her own hands. Dear all parents, be like Emily. 🤣

Pierce, Rocco, Boone, Hazel, Violet and Daphne. 😍

I mean, we have to show so real life! 3 crazy boys. Violet up their in the wild with them and sweet Hazel just twirling calmly. I wonder how Daphne will fit in?!

Boone🤣 I said, “don’t smile big because I want to see your beautiful eyes!”

😍😍😍 About time that baby acted like a baby and cried!

Did I mention they take this circus on the road for monthssss at a time?? Homeschooling at its finest when you can actually go travel and

SEE all the things you’re teaching your children. The world is truly their classroom. I love it!!

All these beautiful faces! (Also, that dining room behind them seats the 22 people the house can sleep!)

What a fun session with you “Free Range Berks!” I love your real home, but I’m so happy you did it in one of your other homes! 🤣😍 It’s so

amazing being third party looking in on what should be a complete and utter shit show and seeing it’s somehow quite the opposite. You guys are so graceful at

parenting and it shows. Whatever the heck you’re doing, keep doing it! And also, 8 is such a nice round number now for all of the things in life,

you have to feel so much more complete! Congrats again! Heart, Melanie.

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